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I've got a load of old Atari User mags, most of which had type in BASIC listings for games and utilities. Is it possible, using the BASIC ROM on an Atari emulator (personally I use Atari 800Win PLus), to turn a BASIC program into an ATR file?


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Theorically, it can be. What you need to do is converting your basic listing into a binary file (Not an easy task, one form is compiling it into a machine language file, using MMG Compiler Basic or Turbo Basic Compiler; the other choice is using handlers tricks in machine language.), then convert your binary file into a boot file. There are a lot of utilities floating on the net. You'd need to find them to use them.



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Hi after reading your thread about old atari user magazines i was wondering if you would like to tell me what version of the mag you have because i'm make a atari user website and only have a few issue's. if you could tell me on this site as my e-mail is not working at the moment.


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hi my e-mail is working now so please tell me what issues you have got