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I'm keen to buy a 1200XL, I live in Australia and have a PAL set up.  Does anyone know whether the 1200XL was ever offered as a PAL machine. Is it possible to adapt the NTSC machine to work on PAL.  I'm not that keen to buy a NTSC monitor.




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I may be totally mistaken, but isn't it possible to get a relatively inexpensive conversion tool? Or perhaps I am thinking of the voltage difference.


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Hi james I tried to email you but my email came back from the mail delivery subsystem "unable to deliver"

If you get a 1200XL you will have to get a program called "FIX XL" because some games and programs can't be used without it.
If you don't have or can't find  a copy I might be able to get a copy of it from my best friend.


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The problem between a PAL machine and an NTSC machine is that they run on different clock speeds, and the PAL machine even has a separate clock just for the graphics. (2 crystal clock generators in the machine, instead of one for NTSC) Therefore you can't use an NTSC machine, nor convert it, unless you modify the computer extensively.

There are PAL 1200XL's, but they are rare. They can only be found in Europe, and even then they are scarce.

You're better off buying an 800XL/65XE with PAL signal. The only real difference is 4 function keys that you won't need.

The suggested program FIX XL, aka XL FIX, aka Translator, is a program that makes old 800 software run on an XL type machine, by loading the OS for the 800 into the XL, and running from there. This is NOT a fix to make an NTSC machine run on PAL.


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Has anyone even seen any PAL machines that are in good condition on the market lately?