Topic: Help identifying two Atari 800 games

Not a lot of recent posts, but hopefully there are still some faithful Atari gamers lurking around these parts...

Game #1

For some reason, words like 'cave', 'bat', 'cavern', 'flight' all come to mind when I try to remember the name of this game, but I could be completely off base.  You played a bat (if I remember correctly).  You are at the very bottom of the screen, and the game scrolls vertically (though not automatically) as you move ahead.  I believe the setting was in a cave, which had very rough (randomy/jaggedy) walls, which were kind of rubbery (if I recall the sound effect correctly) when you bumped into them.  I also seem to remember that it was possible to somehow get outside the left edge of the cave in certain places so you could fly freely along the very edge of the screen without having to fight any enemies.

It seems like you could shoot some sort of rays or elongated bullets to kill enemies, which I think were things like other bats and the occasional spider.  As I recall, there enemies were scattered rather sparsely throughout the cave.  I think the walls of the cave were brown (or brownish), and either your character or the enemy bats made high-pitched chirping bat-like noises from time to time.  There might also have been a wing-flapping sound-effect as you flew.

Game #2

Seems like this one was called 'Tower' on the game menu.  I believe the correct name for the perspective of this game would be rear/overhead-view in isometric 3D.  You are a fighter ship flying over the surface of a planet, slowly closing in on a giant tower (just a thick line, as I recall) that you are supposed to destroy.  Seems like there was various info at the bottom of the screen that showed the distance to your target and your energy level, as you had depletable fuel and must fly over these round glowing/flashing energy circles on the surface of the planet (that are a certain color only, avoiding the other colors) in order to replenish energy.  I seem to remember that there were some sort of enemies that attacked you along the way as well, perhaps in the form of stationary guns firing at you, or perhaps other ships (not really sure).  It seems like this one had fairly good graphics for the time.

Any help naming either (or both) or these games would be greatly appreciated!  They were lots of fun back in the '80s...

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Re: Help identifying two Atari 800 games

I read a description of the game are looking for, but I do not remember anything like that.
Hopefully someone will have a better memory.

It is true that the forum is almost unkempt. I'll try to find more time.


Re: Help identifying two Atari 800 games

Good to know that someone in charge is still keeping an eye on things here!

Even if you weren't able to help with the game names, the reply is appreciated!

As far as spending more time maintaining the site, I think that banishing the Russian porn spammer(s) would make a big difference (IMHO).

Anyhow, thanks again for the response.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone out there is familiar with these...

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Re: Help identifying two Atari 800 games

I did receive a response on the AtariAge forums, so I'll go ahead and post here as well...

The games are "Thrax Lair" and "Stealth".

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